Raccoon Repellent – What You Need to Know

When it comes to raccoons, we are willing to try just about every trick that is available to us so that we can rid our lives as well as our properties of these pesky pests.

One of the products that promises you a quick solution to a rather persistent problem is a raccoon repellent. So do these repellents really work? Or is it just an easy-sounding solution that doesn’t actually give you any results? (more…)

Humane Raccoon Traps

Humane Raccoon Traps

Raccoons may be troublesome creatures, but that isn’t a reason to treat them badly or as some people like to do, even injure or kill them in brutal ways.

Now, although raccoons are often a nuisance to us, using inappropriate means to get rid of them is even illegal in some places, and in the others too, there are wildlife organizations that are spreading the word of how these cute animals deserve some respect too. (more…)

Learn How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Raccoons may look like amiable and even cuddy creatures but when it comes to the nuisance quotient, they sure can test your patience!

Apart from the ruckus they are capable of causing on your property, raccoons have also been known to carry some dangerous disease, which spread through their urine, feces, and even their bites and scratches, so for these reasons and more, keeping your vicinity raccoon-free is essential. (more…)

Survival and The City: How Do Raccoons Beat The Odds?

As human civilization expanded into cities, the natural habitats of raccoon were slowly destroyed. Not to be outdone, the animals moved to the cities and made a home for themselves there. Admittedly, raccoons have always shown an uncanny ability to survive in adverse situations, and it seems that they found a way when it came to urban situations. But how do raccoons survive in these congested environments? (more…)

What Diseases Do Raccoons Carry

Raccoons are very aggressive animals in nature and can transfer diseases to human beings and animals through direct or indirect contact, scratches or through bites. Even though these animals are nocturnal, proper care and precaution should be taken when having an encounter with these animals or any other thing that they have come in contact with. The diseases that they carry can also spread to pets that they come in contact with or through anything that they came in contact with. (more…)

The Reproductive Cycle of Raccoons

Raccoons are medium sized omnivorous mammals. They are members of the Procynoid family which are indigenous animals of north America. They are furry animals and usually grey or black in color. Their most unique feature is the area of darkening all round the eyes. Their tails also have a patch of black color. Being typically nocturnal animals,they also prefer quiet places to form their habitats. These include woodpiles, tree hollows and places like empty sheds and garages which what most calls we get for raccoon removal are for. (more…)

The Lifecycle of The Raccoon

How to get rid of raccoons living near my home

Raccoons are a problem for many Mississauga residents. Our raccoon removal solutions are humane and effective. If you have a raccoon problem, before you give us a call, take a minute and learn a few things about them. Raccoons are nocturnal and remain active during the evening hours throughout the year. Raccoons breed towards the end of winter in February and March. The male normally sticks around a female before wandering off to look for another mate. (more…)

Homemade Raccoon Repellents

How raccoon baby season impacting business

Anyone who has ever lived next to wooded areas or large parks has probably encountered raccoon’s or other wildlife during their stay there. Raccoon’s, in particular, are renowned for making a mess out of trash cans and gardens. And once they’ve found a promising spot, they tend to make return trips, giving homeowners the continual hassle of cleaning up their mess. Many homeowners end up calling wildlife control, or go to their nearest supply store for a chemical solution. However, there are a number of inexpensive, and environmentally friendly ways to deal with these animals. (more…)

What Diseases That Raccoons Carry

how raccoons get in your attic

As raccoons continue to be adept at living especially in areas where human settlements is concentrated, it poses health risks by contracting their diseases. Raccoon diseases are very dangerous and can spread to livestock pets and people, as well. It is a common observation that young children are at high risk of contacting the raccoon diseases because they are always on contact with raccoon feces as they play within the neighborhood. The following are the common raccoon diseases which are carried by raccoons in Mississauga as well. (more…)

How to Remove Raccoons From An Attic

How likely is it for a raccoon to have rabies?

Once you have established that the creature running around in your attic is a raccoon, you need to make a decision on what removal method to use. If you are just concerned with getting the critter out of your attic, you have several options at your disposal. These include repellents and traps. However, for people who are humane and just want to get rid of the raccoon without hurting it, you have to consider removal ways that will let you capture the raccoon alive and hand free it in its natural environment. Remember it is illegal to harm raccoons. (more…)