Raccoons will often hang out on roves. You will see them and think, that’s not too much of an issue. But it is. Raccoons aren’t on your roof to frolic. They are up  searching. Searching for an entrance into your attic.

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The how is pretty simple. Raccoons will rip off vents, bend aluminum siding, chew through wood, and anything else you can think of to get into your attic. Raccoons are skilled climbers, They can get on your roof from a nearby tree or just climb the wall like spiderman. They also often climb the gutter. Once they are on the roof they have full access and can rip open whatever they can find to get into the warm attic. 

Raccoons are wild animals and all wild animals are searching for warmth, safety and a dry place to sleep. Its a normal and reasonable request but sadly, raccoons are not good roommates. 

Every spring you should inspect your home for ways raccoons can enter your attic. Then you need to do something about it. Take steps to seal areas that a raccoon can break into. Seal areas that a raccoon could climb through. Prevention is half the battle. You could call in a professional to inspect the roof directly for gaps and openings, or weak spots a raccoon could breakthrough. 

If you already have a raccoon in your attic then you need to get rid of it as soon as physically possible. 

You can try doing it yourself with traps or repellents but neither tends to work as well as a professionally installed one-way door. It allows the animal to leave but prevents it from returning. Call Raccoon Control for all your raccoon needs.

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