Getting rid of raccoons on your property that are outside your home is very difficult. There are two major options:

You can set a trap for the raccoons and then relocate them if they are caught. 

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Trapping a raccoon is very difficult. They are very smart and often aren’t tricked by the trap mechanism and even find other ways to get the bait. Even if a raccoon does get trapped they may be able to escape. Humane trapping usually involves a large cage-like contraption that takes a great deal of effort to set up. You need to check on the trap regularly because if you do catch a raccoon it needs to be released asap or it may die of dehydration while trapped. And no one wants a dead raccoon in their attic. It’s not just the raccoon either, killing protected wildlife is illegal in Canada, so by killing the raccoon you would also be breaking the law.

You can try spraying your garbage with a mix of hot sauce, water, and a bit of dish soap. This will coat the garbage in a flavor the raccoons don’t really like. They will likely move on from your home to another on the street. 

There are also naturally existing repellents like the urine of a predator of the raccoon, wolf urine does a great job for this. You can also lock your trash can tightly to the bin, though some people just put a heavy rock on it. 

At the end of the day all of these methods are okay if all you have to worry about is a raccoon eating your garbage. But if that raccoon is also living in your attic its time to call the professionals. 

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