Raccoons are not wild animals in the literal sense. They are urban animals that are a little different. They are still incredibly dangerous but they understand the human environment and use it to better their lives.

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 If you have raccoons in your back yard there is not a lot  you can do. The sad truth is you would need a prison grade fence to keep them out and that’s only if you live somewhere with no trees. You can try repellent but they never work, even wolf urine doesn’t have an effect because the raccoon in your back yard has never seen a wolf and so has no idea what the smell of its urine means. 

There are devices you can get, a radio playing all night ling, a noisemaker that is supposed to annoy the raccoon away, it doesn’t work. Or even a motion sensor activated water sprayer. None of this stuff works. 

What’s worse, if you have raccoons in your back yard they have probably already created a latrine of deadly raccoon feces and urine. This latrine is a serious risk to children and pets and can even catch an adult off guard. They are full of viruses and parasites like roundworms and can actually be fatal. To get rid of it you need a respirator and full covering clothing and when you are finished you either have to boil your tools and clothing or throw them away because they will be covered in roundworm spores. 

Raccoon eviction fluid apparently does work in certain situations but it won’t help get rid of that latrine. It may help keep the raccoons away from your window though, just spray and pray for the raccoons to go away. With any luck, you will see fewer of them at least.