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Effective and affordable raccoon removal in Mississauga. Call: 647-931-6183 Humane raccoon removal and proofing solutions. Our technicians offer wildlife removal solutions that are safe to raccoons and at the same time effective. Raccoon removal solutions include live trapping and exclusion services. We remove raccoons and make sure they won’t come back by sealing all entry points. You can rest assured that you won’t have a raccoon problem again. First, our technician will visit your house to determine the problem and its root cause. Then we will provide recommendations and options. Once you decide on the course of action we will proceed with the removal and exclusion. All our raccoon removal work is backed by a 2 year warranty.

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Humane Removal

We make use of one-way doors on existing holes that enable the raccoon to abandon but not enter your space. Once the raccoons vacate the attic or other space we return remove the door and seal up the entry point so that no other animal can get back in. Our trained raccoon removal technicians provide disinfecting and cleaning services that will ensure that you do not have any possibly dangerous pathogens in the place. Using humane and safe wire traps, we trap the animal and set it free without harming the raccoons.

If there are babies involved we reunite them with their mothers. Once the proofing work has been completed you can rest assured that raccoons will not enter your property again. We remove raccoons from attics, chimneys, soffits, decks, garages, and sheds. Call Raccoon Removal Mississauga for a no-obligation inspection today. Call: 647-931-6183

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Raccoons, also known as the Common Raccoon, the North American Raccoon, the Northern Raccoon, or simply, Coon, are animals that are native to North America. These mid-sized mammals are easily recognizable with their bandit-masked faces, and while the original habitats of these animals are deciduous and mixed forests, they can also be found in the mountains and around marshes.

In recent years, the intrusion of human settlements into their original habitat has found raccoons adapting themselves to their new neighbours in suburban and urban areas. Extremely intelligent scavengers, raccoons around human neighbourhoods have now proved to be quite the pests, invading our properties for food and even using secluded corners of our homes to set up their dens. Raccoons, although timid creatures are known to attack viciously when cornered. Apart from the hovering chances of an attack, these animals are also capable of transmitting a wide range of serious diseases through their saliva, urine and feces.

Moreover, their nesting habits make them a nuisance on the home front too, where they cause considerable damage to the structure of a house as well as the interiors in a bid to set up nests. These and other reasons have ensured that when it comes to raccoons, keeping them away from your property is the right thing to do. We are well aware of all the potential dangers that the presence of a raccoon can bring about. Our licensed raccoon removal technicians are capable of handling raccoon invasions in a professional and humane manner, and our services are guaranteed too. If you’re up against a raccoon problem, call us today on 647-931-6183 for a quick inspection followed by a comprehensive and lasting solution.

Are Raccoons Truly a Hazard?

Rabies and Raccoons

There are three accounts on which the presence of a raccoon on your property or even in the vicinity can be a problem. Firstly, raccoons are known carriers of several bacteria and viruses that are extremely harmful to both humans as well as pets and other animals. The saliva, feces and urine of these animals all carry threats in the form of harmful organisms. In some cases, the diseases or conditions transmitted from a raccoon could even prove to be fatal. Therefore, even when they are occasional visitors on your property, the threat of the diseases they carry remains a real one.

Secondly, the nesting habits of a raccoon see the animal invade attics, sheds, chimneys and just about every other secluded location on a property, in search of a safe place to nest. While doing so, raccoons invariably cause damage to the house

Furthermore, raccoons, although timid creatures are well known to even fight unto death when confronted. This is always a serious problem, as, during a confrontation, your pets and even you or your children could be bitten or scratched by these animals. Of course, there is also the constant risk of contracting the deadly Rabies virus in the event of such contact.

How Raccoons Pose Danger to Our Health

The Rabies virus remains the most dangerous threat that infected raccoons carry. These animals are capable of transmitting this virus through their saliva and therefore, raccoon bites and scratches, whether it is to a pet or a human, should always be treated in a swift manner.

The feces and urine of raccoons too carry several bacteria and viruses including the Salmonella Bacteria that causes Salmonella, the corkscrew-shaped Leptospira bacteria that causes Leptospirosis and roundworm eggs which cause Raccoon Roundworm.

The adverse effects of these conditions range from loss of muscle control, high fever, diarrhea and severe aches to meningitis, liver and kidney failure, loss of vision and even slipping into a coma.


Raccoons and Property Damage

Raccoon Roof Damage

There are several ways to detect the presence of raccoons simply by looking around your property. Strewn garbage from your trash cans, insulation or shingles on the ground, chimney cap damage or damaged insulation inside the attic.

In their quest to set up dens, raccoons often invade human homes and make preparations to nest in attics, chimneys, garages, sheds, barns and even unused vehicles. In the process, they not only create a nuisance but also end up damaging property and causing financial losses. The longer an animal is using a space the more damage it will cause.

Once in an attic the raccoons will compress the insulation by walking on it, soil the space by defocating and urinating and potentially cause more roof damage by creating additional entry and exit points through the roof, soffits, or roof vents.

Why Hire Professionals to Tackle a Raccoon Problem

Professional Raccoon Removal

Whether it is a raccoon that is simply visiting your property to scavenge for food, or an entire family of raccoons that have set up base in your home, the most responsible manner in which you can tackle the situation is to call on the services of a professional raccoon removal team.

Since the raccoon looks like a cute, timid animal, people often commit the error of assuming that it is indeed a sober creature. Now, while raccoons are known for their shy nature and lack of aggression in the normal scheme of things, they are certainly far from timid when it comes to putting up a fight when cornered.

Yes, raccoons are jumpy creatures, and unless very well-acquainted to human habitat, steer clear of human beings and their pets, completely avoiding crossing paths with them. However, there have been several instances where dogs, even the most vicious ones, have had to back out of a fight with raccoons. That’s how scary these animals can get when cornered.

Therefore, it is never a good idea to set your dog or other pets on a raccoon. These animals are even known to fight unto death, the prospects of which could be quite dangerous for your pet.

Of course, there is always the danger of contracting the deadly Rabies virus from an infected raccoon, and this could pose even more problems on the health front.

Raccoon Removal Cost

The cost of raccoon removal ranges between $300 and $500. The base cost covers the removal of the raccoon via the use of a one-way door. The cost changes and rises in more extreme situations where the animals have caused extensive damage that needs to be repaired.

Raccoon Control Solutions

If you’re up against a raccoon invasion, our team of experts at Raccoon Removal Mississauga is just what you need. Our experienced professionals will find a comprehensive solution to a raccoon problem without causing any harm to you, your pets or even the raccoon. After successfully removing it from your property, will also take care of the raccoon and its family’s relocation.

Our services come with a guarantee. Moreover, we will not only eliminate the threat and nuisance posed by your current raccoon problem but will also leave you with practical tips on how you can avoid raccoon invasions in the future.

Raccoon Prevention Services

Raccoon Proof Vents

Most homeowners detest the idea of having raccoons in their homes. Often, the best way to keep raccoons off your property is prevention. What raccoons see outside your property tells them whether they could get food or not. If you have an open garage bin right in front of your house makes an awesome curb appeal for raccoons.

When raccoons start invading your home, it’s important that you do not confront them. Call your local Mississauga Raccoon Removal service immediately. Our team of professionals will help you get rid of the raccoons in your property. We will inspect your property to determine the entry points. We will also figure out what is attracting them to your property in the first place. Our team will then seal off all potential entry points. They will also advise you on practices that will help keep off these pesky rodents. It’s important that your property is clean and garbage free. Raccoons are attracted by garbage, open garages, bushy compounds, and bird feeders. If raccoons are already living in your property, Raccoon Removal offers Raccoon removal services. Call us today for more information about our prevention services in Mississauga.

Call Raccoon Removal Mississauga for a no-obligation inspection today.

Raccoons in the Attic and Removal Process

Raccoons are some of the most intelligent and adaptable pests and can thrive in any environment. Their persistence and capability in finding food and shelter in urban human dwellings have made them one of the most successful urban wildlife species. While their population often varies depending on shelter and food sources, most Canadian cities average between 15 and 25 raccoons per square kilometer. There is more raccoon per square kilometer in an urban welling than there are in rural areas.

Having raccoons in your attic isn’t something that should be taken lightly. This is because its often not a problem that can be solved pleasantly.

Raccoons that find their way into your attic are capable of causing substantial damage to your attic and roof structures. When a raccoon gets access into your home, it starts building a household of its own. It will chew through your insulation pipes and lining trying to make a nest for its babies. They will also scratch the side of the attic shedding out wood in the process.

Apart from causing substantial damage to your insulation, their feces and urine create an unpleasant order and are a potential health threat to your family and pets.

How do raccoons get into the attic?

Raccoons are excellent climbers, they are quite strong and have nimble hands. Due to their dexterous nature, they rarely have any problems getting into any sort of attic. In most cases, raccoons will choose an attic based on its proximity to their normal home. In case there is an easy way in, like a low-lying branch, the better.

If your house has large holes, and easy access stands, you have a higher chance of being invaded by these opportunistic critters. Raccoons will get into your attic any place where the eaves meet up against the roof portion of the house.

These loopholes include dormers or architectural bend sections of your home’s roof. Other common areas they use to get into your attic include the vents, soffits, gable vents, and other roof vents. In some rare cases, raccoons will just tear off the shingles and get into your attic.

Why do raccoons get into the attic?

Raccoons love to get into the attic since it’s great habitat. Attics are warm, dry and safe. They are often near raccoon food sources like trash cans, pet food and other human-influenced food sources in the urban setting. The attic for raccoons is like a big hollow tree trunk; it’s perfect!

Female raccoons have a strong denning instinct when they are pregnant, during this time they seek out safe, warm enclosed spaces and your attic is often an excellent choice. It’s important to note that if you have raccoons in your attic, it’s probably a female with her litter. The main reason why raccoons get into the attic is to give birth and bring up her young.

What damage can raccoons cause in the attic?

In case you noticed raccoons in your attic then you need to be guaranteed there will be some sort of damage. To handle the damage better, you need to understand what type of damage raccoons cause in your attic, to begin with.

Damage to insulation

raccoon damage insulation

Attic insulation is normally the most damaged part of the attic when raccoons decide to move in. Raccoons are heavy; they could trample down your insulation with a few movements. What makes it worse is, a majority of attic invasions by raccoons is by mothering females. They will clear out sections of your attic damaging it to make a nest for their babies. When raccoons damage your attic insulation, it directly affects its energy efficiency, and you are likely to incur hefty energy bills during adverse weather.

Damage wires

damaged wires

When raccoons raid your attic, they often chew up the electrical wiring posing a fire threat. Raccoons like to chew on things, and electrical wires are often an easy target. They chew these materials looking for nesting material, and when the wires remain exposed, they could potentially cause a fire.

Damage to wood

damaged wood

Sometimes raccoons can be extra destructive and will not only chew on your electricals and ducts but also wood structures. Meaning, if you have raccoons in your attic, you might need to carefully inspect your wood structures for damage. Sometimes, they will go a step further and tear down the exterior walls to gain access to the attic.

Damaged Ducts

damaged cuts

One sign that raccoons have raided your attic is damaged ducts. It’s still a mystery even to experts why they do this. The most probable reason is nesting material, however, some specialists think, raccoons just like to chew on the material. The damage caused by this action is self-explanatory, once your ducts are destroyed, your home will lack sufficient air supply which will hurt your energy bills.

Urine and feces

raccoon feces

One sign that raccoons have raided your attic is damaged ducts. It’s still a mystery even to experts why they do this. The most probable reason is nesting material, however, some specialists think, raccoons just like to chew on the material. The damage caused by this action is self-explanatory, once your ducts are destroyed, your home will lack sufficient air supply which will hurt your energy bills.

What to do about damage caused by raccoons?

raccoon roof damage mississauga

If you notice raccoons in your attic, the first thing you need to do is thoroughly inspect them to find out the extent of the damage caused. However, you will still need to get all the raccoons out first and seal any potential entry points. Doing this will guarantee more raccoons won’t get access to your attic. It is only after this that you can begin cleaning out the mess, they have caused which includes the droppings, insulation, remnants, and other scraps you find in the process. It’s advisable to get professional help cleaning out and repairing your roof after raccoon removal.

Cleaning and Decontamination Services

Raccoons often carry Bylisascaris Procyon is also known as the roundworm. Roundworm eggs are present in raccoon feces. Humans who get exposed to raccoon feces may be at risk of carrying the parasite. It is therefore important that homeowners can identify raccoon feces. Raccoon feces resemble dog droppings but are medium sized. Their feces are crumblier like due to their diet and digested food such as berries will be present.

When you notice their droppings, it is important that you do not attempt to clean it by yourself. Call us instead. In case you have raccoon droppings in your garage, shed or attic, Raccoon Removal can help you sanitize the area. We are certified in raccoon decontamination and cleaning and have all the correct gear to get the job done well. It’s important to know that you will need more than chemical cleaning compounds to completely get rid of the parasites.

Raccoons are known to isolate an area as their latrine, especially when they invade your attic, garage or shed. When their feces pile up, it could damage your ceiling and attic insulation. At Raccoon Removal Mississauga, we offer attic cleaning and decontamination services. Our team of experts will clean out all the piled feces in your attic, shed or garage. We will also repair and replace damaged attic, to ensure your property is back to its original form. Cleaning and decontamination services are important since they help prevent the risk of spreading parasites to those living within the property. Parasites found in Raccoon feces are known to survive under harsh conditions. Call us today for more information about our cleaning and decontamination services in Mississauga.

Humane Raccoon Removal Mississauga

Humane Raccoon Removal Mississauga

Most times wild animals are as bewildered to see you as you see them. In case a raccoon has taken up residence in your home, call Raccoon Removal. We offer Humane Wildlife Removal Services. It’s important that homeowners do not tolerate raccoons living in their property. Raccoons can cause extensive damages to your property. If they get to your attic, you might be looking at thousands of dollars of repairs. Raccoons will seek residence in your attic during winter, which is usually their nesting season. While in your attic, shed or garage, they will soak it up with urine and feces that often carries parasites.

Raccoons are also destructive; they will chew up and damage your insulation which is likely to leave extensive structural damage. They can bite if provoked by young children or pets and some are known to infect rabies.

At Raccoon Removal, we don’t just get rid of raccoons from your Mississauga property; we keep them from returning. From one-way exclusion to gnaw-proof netting and chimney caps. We use strict humane practices to permanently remove and exclude wildlife from your property. While performing these duties from your home, our experts will only use structural and cosmetic integrity to ensure that your property remains intact. Our raccoon removal methods are permanent, guaranteed and proven, and wildlife babies and adults always remain together after removal and safe relocation back to their natural habitat.

In case you spot any raccoon activity in your home, contact us immediately. Call us today for more information about our humane raccoon removal services in Mississauga: 647-931-6183

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