Raccoon poop. When it comes to raccoons, nothing is worse than its poop. The question here is, for how long is it dangerous?

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How do raccoons get into your attic in the first place? They are very good at chewing through siding, wood, and even metal. They wander around in your attic space, pooping and urinating everywhere like they own the place. You are left sleepless with a growing bad smell and urine leaking through your roof. Don’t try to deal with it yourself, get professionals. Call Raccoon Control to handle all your wildlife needs, from raccoons to skunks and everything in between.

These are just some of the things you can get from raccoons and their feces and urine: Round Worm, Giardiasis, Leptospirosis, Salmonella, Rabies… and that’s just a few

These diseases can remain active in the feces for weeks! And there’s no telling when the raccoon last used the area to poop.

It’s bad, real bad. If this doesn’t worry you, it gets worse. Raccoons have short digestive tracts so they poop frequently, and they don’t care about where they do it. All this poop can put you and your family in serious danger. Trying to remove it on your own could easily lead to major health problems, as you’ve seen above. So call the professionals. Raccoon Control has your back! 

Our technicians can handle any messy situation. They remove feces and soiled insulation, coupled with commercial-grade disinfectants to sterilize the area to prevent any of the toxins in the raccoon poop from infecting your family. By the time we are finished with that poop, it will be a faded memory of a time when your attic once had raccoon poop in it. 

Not just that, we can replace your insulation with high-quality cellulose insulation. Fire retardant and warm as summer in Barcelona. 

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