Once you have established that the creature running around in your attic is a raccoon, you need to make a decision on what removal method to use. If you are just concerned with getting the critter out of your attic, you have several options at your disposal. These include repellents and traps. However, for people who are humane and just want to get rid of the raccoon without hurting it, you have to consider removal ways that will let you capture the raccoon alive and hand free it in its natural environment. Remember it is illegal to harm raccoons. Since the best way out is by using traps, you have to identify the right trap for the raccoon. Raccoons are big creature, so your trap should definitely be big and strong. Their body size also gives them tremendous strength meaning that they can easily hurt themselves when trying to escape. To avoid this, consider using body traps that capture the midriff or the creature in a gentle but mild grip or a cage to capture the animal as a whole.

After identifying the right trap, you then have to fill it with the right bait. Since raccoons are omnivores, they will eat virtually anything hence any bait will work. Nonetheless, the actual disposal of the captured raccoon might pose a complication depending on what you local authorities have to say about it. Ensure that you are compliant with the rules and regulations especially if you do not want to kill and burry the critter by yourself.

If you do not have the time for all the niceties but still do not feel like sharing your attic with wild animals, your only option that remains is to call a professional. Keep in mind that poisoning raccoons is not only unethical it is illegal. Call us for humane raccoon removal solutions.