How Professional Raccoon Removal Services Can Help

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Raccoons, unfortunately, adapt very well to sharing habitats with people. They can access shelter and food readily when around a human. But for the person living with them, raccoons can be very noisy and even wreak havoc to their homes. This is even worse if you are dealing with a mother raccoon that has younglings. As such, you will need a professional raccoon removal service to assist rid of the inherent raccoon problem in a humane manner. (more…)

Do Raccoons Carry Diseases?

raccoon removal Mississauga

Raccoons are the one of the most charming, cute and they didn’t look harmful but are also one of the most aggressive animals that can carry different diseases to people and other animals via bites, indirect contact, scratches, and their waste. In the United States, both young and mature raccoons can carry different viruses, bacteria, and parasites that can transfer infections and disease. People should be careful when handling the materials, they contacted or left behind. It is also dangerous to handle their waste and urine without protection and proper training. Raccoons usually get their food during the night, children are usually at high risk of the diseases carried by raccoons because they usually play outside during the day.  (more…)

How Do Raccoons Get Inside a House?

How Do Raccoons Get Inside a House

Raccoons may seem like creatures who are simply cute and cuddly. Well, they may look cute but are certainly not cuddly, and are in fact quite a nuisance to human beings. However, the one thing that they surely are is smart. (more…)

Learn How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Raccoons may look like amiable and even cuddy creatures but when it comes to the nuisance quotient, they sure can test your patience!

Apart from the ruckus they are capable of causing on your property, raccoons have also been known to carry some dangerous disease, which spread through their urine, feces, and even their bites and scratches, so for these reasons and more, keeping your vicinity raccoon-free is essential. (more…)

What Is Raccoon Control?

Raccoons are probably the cutest and smartest mammals that live in and around human habitats, and although they don’t really interact with human beings like some other animals that have come to be a human’s best friends, they certainly know their bit about our species! (more…)

Raccoons On Your Backyard – What Is The Damage They Can Cause

Raccoon populations are as high in the urban or suburban areas owing to the fact that there are no predators and the easy availability of food. Therefore, it is not surprising that raccoons roam the backyards of many homes and many a time they are not welcome visitors in the neighbourhood. If raccoons roam around in the backyard, read on to find out what is the worst damage that they can cause there. All examples provided by our raccoon removal experts(more…)

The Reproductive Cycle of Raccoons

Raccoons are medium sized omnivorous mammals. They are members of the Procynoid family which are indigenous animals of north America. They are furry animals and usually grey or black in color. Their most unique feature is the area of darkening all round the eyes. Their tails also have a patch of black color. Being typically nocturnal animals,they also prefer quiet places to form their habitats. These include woodpiles, tree hollows and places like empty sheds and garages which what most calls we get for raccoon removal are for. (more…)

How To Remove Raccoons with Babies from an Attic

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The raccoon as we know it is a quite adaptive animal. From living in the wild, to our neighborhoods, they are right up our houses, making homes in the attic! Some may argue it is we that took up their habitat, but the main reason why the set up residence in our homes is to breed. In up to 75% instances of raccoons found in attics, there is a familiar litter of raccoon pups of around 2 to 5. (more…)

How to Remove Raccoons From An Attic

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Once you have established that the creature running around in your attic is a raccoon, you need to make a decision on what removal method to use. If you are just concerned with getting the critter out of your attic, you have several options at your disposal. These include repellents and traps. However, for people who are humane and just want to get rid of the raccoon without hurting it, you have to consider removal ways that will let you capture the raccoon alive and hand free it in its natural environment. Remember it is illegal to harm raccoons. (more…)

Practical and Natural Raccoon Deterrents

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If you are a home-buyer, you realize how important protecting your investment can be. Keeping the proper insurance, maintaining the home, and engaging in preventative measure to avoid household pests are all important. If you live in an area with a large raccoon population, then you should consider guarding against raccoons as well. (more…)