The raccoon as we know it is a quite adaptive animal. From living in the wild, to our neighborhoods, they are right up our houses, making homes in the attic! Some may argue it is we that took up their habitat, but the main reason why the set up residence in our homes is to breed. In up to 75% instances of raccoons found in attics, there is a familiar litter of raccoon pups of around 2 to 5.

Though sometimes they may not be born there in the attic, a mother raccoon may move its litter overnight when it finds an opening and deems your residence fit. So, how do I remove raccoons with babies from my attic? We will now look into numerous approaches on how to remove raccoons and their babies safely and efficiently, as it my aim to be as human as possible to these notable creatures.

a)  Convince the mother raccoon it not a good her pups. Take the raccoon out of her hassle-free world by making the attic suddenly well lit and noisy. To even make their departure hastier, you can introduce the scent of a predator, a good and effective method would be to use a well used dog blanket. This ought to work effectively, as it would set the moms motherly instincts in emergency mode!

b) You can, with a lot of caution, entrap the mother and keep her pups in different enclosures. Afterwards, relocate them miles away in the wild while ensuring to seal their entry points when you get back home.

c) In a situation where there is persistent or overwhelming presence of the pesky critters, enlist the services of the professionals. You may contact exterminators or even better, your local wildlife authority who will ensure they are out of you house, yet well taken care of.

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