Raccoons may look like amiable and even cuddy creatures but when it comes to the nuisance quotient, they sure can test your patience!

Apart from the ruckus they are capable of causing on your property, raccoons have also been known to carry some dangerous disease, which spread through their urine, feces, and even their bites and scratches, so for these reasons and more, keeping your vicinity raccoon-free is essential.

Learn how to get rid of raccoons by putting to use these simple solutions.

Firstly, make sure that anything that can be termed as raccoon’s food (and the list is a long one, considering that these mammals eat just about everything), is made unavailable on your property.

Keep your garbage bins sealed, make sure that even your pet’s food is not left out in the open, and then of course, there are things like berries and even grubs under your lawn.

Laying traps in the right places with the right kind of bait is yet another solution, and using simple household stuff like sprinklers, the radio, and even bright flashing lights to scare them away is a good idea too.

If you come face to face with a raccoon however, it is best not to put up a fight against this persistent creature, and setting your pet dog upon it isn’t a very good idea either, as raccoons have been known to cause serious injuries at times. There’s the risk of contracting rabies too.

The one-stop solution to getting rid of raccoons is to of course call in the services of a professional raccoon removal team. These guys know their job well and will not only rid your property of raccoons, but will also give you specific tips on how to discourage any further visits from these troublesome pests.