Raccoons are very aggressive animals in nature and can transfer diseases to human beings and animals through direct or indirect contact, scratches or through bites. Even though these animals are nocturnal, proper care and precaution should be taken when having an encounter with these animals or any other thing that they have come in contact with. The diseases that they carry can also spread to pets that they come in contact with or through anything that they came in contact with.
The most common disease that raccoon carries is Rabies, which is caused by a virus and can be deadly. When scratched or bitten by a raccoon that is infected with rabies, chances of getting this disease are very high when the saliva of the animal comes into contact with the open wound. This virus infects central nervous system leading to seizures, fevers and hallucination.

Raccoons also carry the disease Leptospirosis. This disease is caused by the Leptospira Bacteria which is carried in raccoon’s urine. An infection can arise when water contaminated with urine of an infected raccoon gets swallowed, in the mouth, eyes, throat, nose or the skin and may sometimes rise into death especially with dogs. This disease may cause high fever, serious kidney and liver problems, muscle aches, anemia, meningitis and severe headaches.

The other disease that these animals carry is the Raccoon Roundworm. This type of roundworm is called the by lisascaris and it’s passed by the infected raccoon through eggs in the feces. Infection can rise both to  humans and animals if the eggs are accidentally swallowed through water or soil. Children and disabled persons are more at risk of getting this disease. The parasites can affect central nervous system, cause tiredness and impair body organs. The infections if serious can sometimes lead to comas or even vision loss.

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