When it comes to raccoons, we are willing to try just about every trick that is available to us so that we can rid our lives as well as our properties of these pesky pests.

One of the products that promises you a quick solution to a rather persistent problem is a raccoon repellent. So do these repellents really work? Or is it just an easy-sounding solution that doesn’t actually give you any results?

Let’s find out!

One of the most popular products out there is the raccoon eviction fluid. This product is made up of the urine and other excretions of a large adult male raccoon and the idea behind this product is to scare away female raccoons that may be have set up base in your home in order to give birth to young ones.

Male raccoons have a natural instinct to kill the offspring of other raccoons, so the scent of a foreign male adult is usually enough to force the female away, along with any babies.

Similarly, repellents that have the urine of raccoon predators are out there too, and uses the idea that if the raccoon smells a predator nearby, it would stay away from the area.

Pepper sprays or pepper oil is another repellent. Spraying them or applying them with a brush on surfaces that raccoons are known to frequent is usually a workable solution too, but remember to keep the kids and your pets away from these surfaces!

While repellents seem like easy solutions, the problem is that they seldom work, and since raccoons are extremely intelligent creatures, fooling them with a can of stuff simply isn’t that simple a solution!

So while raccoon repellents seem like great solutions on paper, they don’t really work too well in the real world.