Found a raccoon in your garage, this is what you should do

Found a raccoon in your garage, this is what you should do

If you have found a raccoon in your garage do not approach it. Leave the area and call a professional. Raccoons are very dangerous and frequently rabid. Touching one puts you at risk of a number of diseases and risks your safety as the raccoon is likely to attack you.

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Raccoons look for places to nest that are warm and dark. So if you don’t go into your garage frequently there’s a chance raccoons have taken up in your space. If its the spring or late winter there is a good chance the raccoon in your garage is a mother with babies, which is a very dangerous and difficult removal situation. 

If you have a mother with babies do not attempt to trap her and remove her. She will come right back for her babies and do whatever she needs to do to get back into the garage. Meanwhile, without their mothers’ care the babies won’t last more than a day. So don’t trap mother raccoons.

One option, if the raccoon is not using your garage as a latrine is to actually leave them where they are. Once the babies start to grow the mother will likely move them to a different nest. And if she doesnt then you can take some further action. 

Humane harassment involves using repellents, noise and light to bother a raccoon out of the area. It rarely works on adult male raccoons but a mother with children may find it threatening and leave the area. 

You can try using the urine of one of their predators but in the city most raccoons have never seen a predator and don’t know what to compare the smell to. 

If you are really worried you can call Raccoon Control. We can get the raccoon, and her babies, out of your garage with ease. 

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When Does Baby Raccoon Season Start?

When Does Baby Raccoon Season Start?

Spring is a wonderful time of the year. After a long winter, the weather finally heats up, and flowers start to bloom everywhere. But with spring comes a big disadvantage for property owners. It is pest intrusion season. Most wild animals’ mate during the winter season, meaning every spring, new litters of raccoon babies are born. The earliest set of babies are witnessed in March with the latest ones coming in as late as June. Sometimes, when the mother raccoon loses her first litter, she might have second litter sometime in mid-summer.

While raccoons naturally live outside, to create a secure nest for their babies, they actively seek out warm, isolated spaces. Home attics are by far their best choice. Your attic is normally situated in an elevated space protecting the babies from natural predators. Your attic also provides nesting material with an element of built-in privacy.

If you are a property owner, it’s important to take note of raccoon baby season, an adult female and her young might be hiding in or around your property, and early detection is key to remove raccoons in Mississauga. (more…)

Why you Need Professionals for Raccoon Trapping

Why you Need Professionals for Raccoon Trapping

When you first spot a raccoon, its not uncommon to feel they are cute and adorable creatures. However, behind their intelligence, and cute coats, raccoons are a nuisance, health risk, and have the capability of causing significant damage to structures when they make your structures home.

Raccoons will invade your attic, chimney, garage, deck, and porch looking for warm, secure nesting zones for their young. Once they have set up shop in your structures, it won’t be an easy task getting them to move out, since they are very resourceful when it comes to finding ways to avoid capture. At this point, most property owners will resort to the right thing, contacting a professional raccoon removal Mississauga service. (more…)

Using the One-Way Door for Raccoon Removal

Using the One-Way Door for Raccoon Removal

There are several methods you could use to remove raccoons in Mississauga from your property. However, getting to understand how raccoons got access into your property is a better place to start. Using a one-way door that allows critters to exit your structures for water or food but prevent getting back in can be a useful yet inexpensive way to deal with these invasive critters. (more…)

Ultrasonic Raccoon Repellent – Does it Better than Professional Service?

Ultrasonic Raccoon Repellent - Does it Better than Professional Service?

The idea of an ultrasonic repellent is quite magnificent when you think about it. But do they work? Could an electronic wave emitting device be the answer to the age-old problem of pest invasions? Unfortunately, the science behind these devices is still shaky. These devices have not been proven to work as effectively as perceived so it is recommened to call professional raccoon removal Mississauga services. (more…)

The Danger of Raccoon Droppings

The Danger of Raccoon Droppings

You have probably come across raccoon feces in your property at some point. Most property owners don’t think a lot about the hazards of raccoon feces because they never touch raccoons. But as it turns out, you have probably come into contact with raccoon feces without even knowing. Most times, you come into contact with their droppings; nothing happens. However, the worst-case scenario can be fatal.

Therefore, whether it is a concealed latrine in your yard or attic, it is important to treat raccoon feces with caution. Raccoon feces transmits types of diseases, meaning you need to be extra careful when cleaning up raccoon droppings in your property. Make sure to call professional raccoon removal Mississauga services before you start cleaning up your attic.

The infectious diseases that are transmitted through raccoon feces can affect your family as well as your pets. In case you have young children alone at home, they are also high risk because they usually play outside and, on the ground, making them vulnerable to direct contact with raccoon feces and urine. Raccoons normally identify a spot where they will frequently defecate. The location of the latrines includes tree stumps, under decks garages, tree bases, and attics. (more…)

How to Get Rid of Raccoons in the Yard

How to Get Rid of Raccoons in the Yard

Raccoons are perhaps the most tenacious and smart suburban creatures that boast a range of athletic tricks. They can climb up your ceiling, swim, run, jump, open latches, and unsecured garbage bins. Raccoons are nocturnal animals; they will terrorize your property in the cover of the night while you are asleep. They are also omnivorous, meaning they will eat pretty much anything. So you need to learn how to deal with them, call us if you need raccoon removal Mississauga services.

Despite having a wild nature, raccoons are some of the few wild animals that have completely adapted to living in a suburban environment. Your yard and garden offer the best hangout points for these critters. Add a source of water, and you will have created the ultimate raccoon paradise.  (more…)

Raccoon Removal Service – How to Pick the Best Service

Raccoon Removal Service - How to Pick the Best Service

Dealing with raccoons is perhaps the worst nightmare property owners have to face in Mississauga. While their existence has several benefits to their environment, in your property, they cause more harm than good. Raccoons aren’t the easiest invaders to get rid of, they can be aggressive, spread tons of diseases, and are protected by the law. Sometimes, getting professional raccoon removal Mississauga help to keep them away might be the least stressful way to get rid of them. (more…)

Cayenne Pepper Spray and Raccoon Removal – Does it Work?

Raccoons are the most divisive animal pests that can invade your property. They might look pitiful and cute, but they pose a threat to your property and well-being. Since they are a potential rabies carrier, they are a direct danger to you and your family. Raccoons cause so much destruction to property and human life that we can never stress enough how troublesome these little critters are.

The best and most effective way you could do for raccoon removal Mississauga troublesome critters is by contacting your local pest control company. Pest control companies are licensed to get rid of troublesome wildlife; they also have qualified and experienced staff who can help solve your problem. While contracting a wildlife removal company to solve your raccoon problem is not cheap, it’s guaranteed.

However, if you feel you are up for the task, and you could get rid of the raccoons by yourself without harming them, there are several methods you could include in your plan. It’s important to note, getting rid of raccoons isn’t easy, and in most cases, you might require a mix of methods to get rid of them completely. There are several methods you could use to deter raccoons without harming them including trapping and using natural homemade deterrents. (more…)

Best Way to Remove Raccoons from the Attic

Best Way to Remove Raccoons from the Attic

If you have dealt with a raccoon invasion in the past, you understand how frustrating it can become. Raccoons are very common pest animal in Canadian urban areas. They are perhaps one of the few wildlife that has successfully adapted to living within human environments, and due to this, they are increasingly becoming a nuisance to those they invade causing the destruction of property as well as posing as a human health concern.

Your attic might have recently become a favored living space for this furry creature. While raccoons living in your property might seem like a good idea, their impacts on your living may not.

So how do I get rid of raccoons?

The most effective way to remove raccoons in Mississauga in your attic is to prevent them. However, if you are already in a raccoon mess, there are methods you could use to resolve your problem without trapping the animal. Raccoon removal experts will advise you on clearing your property of things that attract raccoon in the first place such as garbage, decorative ponds, and pet food. (more…)