If you have found a raccoon in your garage do not approach it. Leave the area and call a professional. Raccoons are very dangerous and frequently rabid. Touching one puts you at risk of a number of diseases and risks your safety as the raccoon is likely to attack you.

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Raccoons look for places to nest that are warm and dark. So if you don’t go into your garage frequently there’s a chance raccoons have taken up in your space. If its the spring or late winter there is a good chance the raccoon in your garage is a mother with babies, which is a very dangerous and difficult removal situation. 

If you have a mother with babies do not attempt to trap her and remove her. She will come right back for her babies and do whatever she needs to do to get back into the garage. Meanwhile, without their mothers’ care the babies won’t last more than a day. So don’t trap mother raccoons.

One option, if the raccoon is not using your garage as a latrine is to actually leave them where they are. Once the babies start to grow the mother will likely move them to a different nest. And if she doesnt then you can take some further action. 

Humane harassment involves using repellents, noise and light to bother a raccoon out of the area. It rarely works on adult male raccoons but a mother with children may find it threatening and leave the area. 

You can try using the urine of one of their predators but in the city most raccoons have never seen a predator and don’t know what to compare the smell to. 

If you are really worried you can call Raccoon Control. We can get the raccoon, and her babies, out of your garage with ease. 

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