Raccoons are perhaps the most tenacious and smart suburban creatures that boast a range of athletic tricks. They can climb up your ceiling, swim, run, jump, open latches, and unsecured garbage bins. Raccoons are nocturnal animals; they will terrorize your property in the cover of the night while you are asleep. They are also omnivorous, meaning they will eat pretty much anything. So you need to learn how to deal with them, call us if you need raccoon removal Mississauga services.

Despite having a wild nature, raccoons are some of the few wild animals that have completely adapted to living in a suburban environment. Your yard and garden offer the best hangout points for these critters. Add a source of water, and you will have created the ultimate raccoon paradise. 

Signs raccoons are visiting your yard

Raccoons have a certain degree of persistence especially if you are trying to get rid of them from your yard. Lucky for you, there are ways you could outwit their nocturnal menace. Here are a few simple methods you could get rid of raccoons in your yard.

Secure your yard

Raccoons find it difficult to resist your garbage. That is why getting your garbage tossed out in the morning is the most indicative sign of their existence in your property. Make sure you secure non-locking trash bins with bungee cords. Raccoons can smell the contents of your trash from a distance. If possible, double bag your trash to help mask the odor

Adapt good cleaning habits

Like most animal pests, raccoons love a yard that has multiple hiding spots. Make sure you tidy your yard by clearing out the bushes, cutting grass and overgrown shrubs. Check for hiding spaces in your shed and decks and seal them off with chicken wire or hardware cloth. Also make sure you seal off entry points at your eaves, roof, and attic. Remember raccoons in your yard will make it to your roof.

Scare them off

If raccoons are constantly foraging through your yard, you can easily get rid of them by installing motion detector sprinklers or even strobe lights. Raccoons hate noise and specifically fear human voices. Setting up a radio at night could help keep them off. Switch up these scare tactics, raccoons are very adaptive and will soon get accustomed if you use one method.

Secure your garden with a fence

Setting up a fence will not only keep off the raccoons but also help protect your crops. Just keep it in mind that raccoons are very good climbers. Therefore, the most effective fence to set up for raccoons in your yard is an electric fence. Set the fence on a timer to only go off during the night.

Use repellents

Using repellents often has mixed results since raccoons are very persistent critters. However, they are still worth a try. Farmers have recorded success planting prickly squash vines in their garden. You could also lace your bird seeds with cayenne pepper, the raccoons will keep off, and the birds don’t mind it.

Get rid of food sources

If you have fruit trees in your yard, avoid letting them overripe in your yard or garden. If you have leftover food, make sure you double bag them and put it in a garbage bin with a locking lid. Also, avoid leaving pet food at night in the yard. You could hang your bird feeders at night in a spot that can’t be accessed by raccoons.

If you have tried all of these methods but still have a hard time getting rid of raccoons in your yard, contact your local pest removal service immediately