Why you Need Professionals for Raccoon Trapping

Why you Need Professionals for Raccoon Trapping

When you first spot a raccoon, its not uncommon to feel they are cute and adorable creatures. However, behind their intelligence, and cute coats, raccoons are a nuisance, health risk, and have the capability of causing significant damage to structures when they make your structures home.

Raccoons will invade your attic, chimney, garage, deck, and porch looking for warm, secure nesting zones for their young. Once they have set up shop in your structures, it won’t be an easy task getting them to move out, since they are very resourceful when it comes to finding ways to avoid capture. At this point, most property owners will resort to the right thing, contacting a professional raccoon removal Mississauga service.

Why is professional help important?

  • Raccoons are wild animals.It’simportant to note that raccoons are wild animals and have an aggressive side. If cornered, a raccoon will attack, especially if it is a female with a litter. Raccoons are destructive; whey will tip off your garbage bins, scatter garbage all over your lawn, invade your kitchen and even attack children or pets if they feel provoked.
  • Raccoon droppings are dangerous.Raccoons are known to build latrines where they regularly defecate. These sites are often contaminated with parasites such as roundworms, salmonella among other parasites. Humans and pests can get infected by these parasites when they breathe in dried up particles of the feces that contain airborne parasite eggs or when they ingest the feces.
  • Raccoons transmit rabies.Raccoons carry a lot of diseases that can be transmitted to humans. It is because of this reason that a DIY removal might not be a good idea. One disease that is commonly associated with raccoons is rabies. Contracting this disease can be fatal for humans if immediate medical attention is not offered.
  • You might kill the babies.Ask any raccoon removal expert, a raccoon in your attic will almost always has babies. The babies may have been snuck into the attic or born there. If you accidentally kill the mother or trap and relocate her without her babies, they will starve to death. Apart from being an inhumane practice, their carcass will rot and cause the entire structure to stink.
  • Professionals are qualified and licensed.A raccoon removal technician is trained and qualified to get rid of raccoons. They have years of experience and know exactly where to look for raccoons. They will also determine all the entry points in your home and advise you on what to do to ensure you don’t have a raccoon problem in the future.

Trapping and releasing a raccoon back into the wild is not as simple as it seems. Traps are often one-size fits all remedy that can often present unanticipated problems for property owners. According to experts, successful capturing of raccoon involves a mix of methods. There is no substitute for experience when dealing with these pesky critters.

Professional raccoon removal involves removing the critter safely and humanely without causing any damage to property or individuals. The removed raccoon is released back into its natural habitat where it can comfortably survive with its young. If you think you suspect you might have raccoons in your property, contact us today for more information. Our technicians will be more than glad to advise you on what to do next.