How Can Raccoons Damage An Attic

How dangerous is a raccoon bite?

Raccoons are generally a pleasant, cute, and unique creature. People enjoy looking at them, spotting them, and hearing them. That is, they enjoy spotting them within their own natural habitat. When a raccoon takes up residence in the attic of a home people do not enjoy seeing or hearing them so much, and with good […]

How To Raccoon Proof Your Chimney

How do raccoons behave in their natural habitat?

There are many reasons to raccoon proof your chimney. These animals can cause damage to the flew which could lead to water damage and the debris they leave behind can be a fire hazard. Lice, fleas, and diseases can also enter your home. Here is the solution to keep this from happening.

How to Bait A Raccoon Trap

How Can You Tell If a Baby Raccoon Is Abandoned

Raccoons are considered to be nuisances in some residential neighborhoods. This is because they eat food belonging to pets, burrow into different areas of your home and get into garbage cans. The worst part is that they carry diseases and can easily transmit them to livestock, pets and people. The most effective method of controlling […]

Do All Raccoon Carry Rabies?

Found a raccoon in your garbage bin, this is what you should do

Do all raccoons carry rabies? Not all of them. You can often find these North American critters rummaging through bags of trash they have ripped open to find an omnivorous feast and live in or around any forested area. With a masked face and dexterous paws the raccoon is well known for being rather intelligent […]

Best Ways To Raccoon Proof Your House

Found a raccoon in your garage, this is what you should do

The raccoon, although a cute little animal, is the most reported wildlife species with rabies. They are not actually wild animals, rather they can be termed as urban animals. They are far more common in cities and suburbs like Mississauga, than forests and underdeveloped regions. Raccoon-human encounters are quite common these days and people are […]

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