The raccoon, although a cute little animal, is the most reported wildlife species with rabies. They are not actually wild animals, rather they can be termed as urban animals. They are far more common in cities and suburbs like Mississauga, than forests and underdeveloped regions. Raccoon-human encounters are quite common these days and people are finding it hard to safeguard their homes from the nuisance caused by raccoons. Apart from scattering garbage, destroying ponds and gardens, raccoons are brazen enough to enter your house in search of food. To avoid having to hire raccoon removal professionals, follow these steps for raccoon proofing.

There are some suitable ways that can be easily adopted to prevent raccoons from entering your homes:-

1.  Cover the garbage cans:- No, I am not talking about the plastic cans! You must dump trash in metal locking garbage cans and seal it. Raccoons would never be able to open these. Still, if raccoons invade the cans, enclose trash cans within a wire fence with a roof.

2. Keep a check on your chimney:- Sometimes raccoons find their way into your homes through the chimney pipe. If need be, seal it with a chimney cap that allows smoke to pass through it but prevents the entry of animals.

3. Keep entry points locked:- People tend to leave windows and doors open in a fine weather but that allows raccoons to enter your house with ease. All probable entry points must be kept shut. If required, put nets on windows. Also, check for small holes and openings in the attic where the animal can hide itself.

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