There are many reasons to raccoon proof your chimney. These animals can cause damage to the flew which could lead to water damage and the debris they leave behind can be a fire hazard. Lice, fleas, and diseases can also enter your home. Here is the solution to keep this from happening.

You first want to access any damage to chimney and have that repaired by a professional. He/she can tell you whether there is a pest problem and may even assist you in getting rid of them. Then you want to trim branches from nearby trees to cut access to your roof. After this, you are ready to install a chimney cap/screen.

Measure your chimney flue. For square flues you want the length and width. For round flues measure the inner and outer diameter. You will also want to measure the height of flue. Take notes of all measurements including extended chimney flues. It will be helpful to draw a diagram. Use these notes to purchase a cap, preferably a stainless steel one which raccoons cannot chew through.

When your ready to install get some gloves because there will be sharp edges. Some assembly may be required before installation.It is always best to read and follow the instructions that came with cap.

If the cap fits inside the flue, just simply slide the cap in and seal with silicone sealer. You may have to squeeze bottom of cap. Overlapping can be expected.

If the cap fits on the outside of flew you can apply a construction adhesive in a broken pattern, which allows for rain water to drain, before sliding cap on. For a stronger structure you can use masonry screws . If using mason screws, drill a hole approximately every twelve inches into the cap and flue before placing and tightening screws.

So now your done and no longer have to worry about pests in your chimney. If you need professional raccoon removal in Mississauga, contact us.