Dangerous Raccoons: What Parasites do They Carry And How to Safeguard Your Family

There are various animals which are known to pose a health risk when they come into contact with humans either directly or indirectly. This mainly comes in the form of the diseases that they are able to carry. There are some which can also be a means of transport for some parasites bringing them to areas frequented by the humans. One of the animals that is known to be able to cause such a danger to humans is the raccoon. This is a wild animal, which is known to be almost the same size as a cat. (more…)

Can Raccoons Be Dangerous to Your Family

Raccoons are very aggressive wild animals. They are commonly seen in urban, suburban and rural areas however, this does not mean they are friendly and safe to human. As a matter of fact, if you get too close to raccoons, they can be quite dangerous, thus, it would be better to contact the local wildlife department, in the event they get inside your house. Raccoons may enter your house through the attic, chimney, crawlspaces, and underneath the porch and the houses. (more…)