Raccoon mothers are, like most mammals, very good mothers. They react very strongly when anyone approaches their babies and it’s unusual for them to ‘lose’ one. That being said, baby raccoons are completely dependent on their mother for the first nine months. If they do get lost, and the mother doesn’t find them, some action needs to be taken. 

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For that nine-month period the baby can only consume its mother’s milk as a food, and for the first three weeks but they grow quickly.

If you find yourself with a baby raccoon on your property you are probably worried the mom abandoned it. Or died. While that could be the case, it’s more likely that the baby wandered off on its own. It’s easy for them to do because they tend not to be nocturnal until they are a year old. 

So what should you do? If it seems healthy, nothing. Wait two to eight hours and the mother should come around looking for the baby that wandered off. If you need to move it, make sure to wear gloves. Raccoon babies carry zoonotic disease and you really don’t want that. 

If you’re especially worried you can put them in an open box to protect them from the wind but whatever you do, don’t feed them! If it seems dehydrated you can give it some water in a bottle with a nipple but don’t give it food or formula because you could easily kill it. 

In most cases the mother comes back and picks up her baby to return it to the nest. Now if the eight hours pass and the baby hasn’t been taken by the mother you indeed have an orphaned raccoon baby on your hands. The best thing to do is to find a wildlife rehabilitator in your area and pass the baby off to them. They know how to take care of it and reintroduce it back into the wild. 

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