Human garbage smells really good to raccoons. They can eat rotten food that would kill a human so from there perspective everything in your garbage is basically fresh. It’s frustrating when they knock over the can and rip the bag open. Rifling through the garbage and making a huge mess all over your lawn. But don’t fear, there are things you can do to protect your garbage from raccoons.

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The one thing that is not recommended is trying to use repellents. Most of the break-ins by raccoons are adult males and are not going to be stopped by predators urine or hot sauce. However, younger raccoons and females may be chased off by these scents and tastes. 

To keep raccoons out of your garbage what you want to do is never store it outside overnight, that is a guaranteed way to get raccoons in your trash. You should keep them in the garage until they need to be put out on the curb. Don’t litter, garbage on the ground, and leftovers in the back yard draw raccoons in and give them an appetizer before they go for your garbage. 

A very good way to get rid of raccoons from your trash is to keep your trash clean, wash all containers and packaging, and don’t through food into the trash, food waste can be tied up tightly and stored in a locked container inside the garage. 

Now a common occurrence for raccoons who get into the garbage is getting stuck. If your garbage is not locked up you may come out in the morning to find a young raccoon trapped in the trash can. 

Large garbage bins are actually a favorite spot for females to have their litter. Don’t bother them, once she is discovered she will leave with her babies to find a safer spot.